Over the years, I’ve studied hundreds of golf swings of touring professionals on all the major tours. I’ve also had the opportunity to both work and watch many of the players firsthand. These players are special because they all have certain intangibles that have allowed them to be very successful at becoming world class in their profession. 

When you walk the range at any professional event, you will find different grips, postures, alignments, axis tilts, width of stances – and that’s before they even begin the swing! Once you go down the line and watch these players swing, you see different swing planes, clubface orientations, body movements, ball flights, and trajectories. Why is this? 

As I began my research, I found certain absolutes that all the professionals were applying to their golf swings. They were not necessarily the original fundamentals of golf as I learned them growing up, but as I continued to see player after player doing the same things, I figured I may be on to something. I discovered: The 5 Tour Fundamentals of Golf. In this book, you’ll learn these 5 fundamentals that will drastically improve your golf game!

“Golf today is all about improving your knowledge about the importance of fundamentals that will drastically and immediately improve your game. Bill, who I believe is one of the top young coaches in the country, has done amazing research in this area using the tour players as the model. I believe that this book will totally give you the understanding on how and why you need to pay attention in this area. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Play better golf by Bill Schmedes”

Gary Gilchrist

“Over the span of my career I have been fortunate to be involved in the training and mentoring of countless young Golf Coaches and Instructors both in the US and abroad – many of which now populate today’s Top 50 Teachers & Top 100 Instructors list and/or lead the Golf Industry in their various areas of expertise. It is my pleasure to say that few – if any – have matched or even met the promise I see for a bright future in Coaching/Teaching as Bill Schmedes. Bill has all the characteristics that I look for in a great Coach/Instructor. Bill is very caring, conscientious, honest, hardworking, loyal, and dedicated. Bill has a sharp and a very solid (& continuously growing) knowledge base in every aspect of the game of golf. He also possesses a very inquisitive mind and is always willing and passionate to learn and grow even more for the betterment of himself and his students. This book truly shows the passion Bill has for finding the answers in hope to help others improve their golf games!”

Patti McGowan

“I have had the distinguished pleasure to work with Bill and many of his golfers over the years. Frankly, Bill is one of the top coaches I have spent time around! His extraordinary dedication and efforts in developing golfers of all ages and abilities is second to none. It is obvious from Bill s resume that he can teach and instruct golf from a technical standpoint. It is however a whole other skill to coach and develop players on the mental, emotional, and strategic aspects of golf. Bill is able to do all of these and this is why he s become so successful. Bill s book, The 5 Tour Fundamentals of Golf, is no different. Bill has taken his knowledge and research and put it down on paper to help the masses. The 5 Tour Fundamentals of Golf is a fantastic read and I would encourage golfers of all ages and abilities to pick this book up yesterday!”

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian