Assess. Plan. Improve

Bill has developed his API system in order to help you reach your goals as fast as possible. The initial assessment begins with a questionnaire and goal building. A complete assessment of the game then begins using technology to get baseline data. After the data is received, Bill will build a plan of action based on the players goals to begin the improvement process. The player will have a complete understanding of what needs to be improved, why the improvement is needed, and how the improvement will take place.

Bill, just got off the range. Can’t believe how well I was striking the ball following our lesson! Totally different feel the way the ball comes off the club with a nice consistent draw that I’ve never had before. Thanks so much for your help!

Greg Maguire / Student

I shot 40 on back 9 of the River course today with 6 straight pars! Best 9 in several years! I’m amazed at how quickly my games improved. You’re the man! 

Paul Rust / Student

Hi Bill, Matthew played his best round today in the NJ US Kids. He got 38 for 9 holes and tied for 1st place! It’s a great game and experience for him. Thank you

Shen Lu / Student

Bill, I want to thank you again for helping me out on the range yesterday! It made a huge difference and I had a really good round today. Your excellent instruction is very much appreciated!!!!

Joel Fischer / Student

You’re very lucky you’re not on the range with me at the moment. I’m hitting the ball so straight that I might give you a man style kiss…perhaps on the lips!

SE / Student

Hey Bill, I just shot a career low tournament round of 71 in the first round of the Rutger’s junior open. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Devin Adams / Student

I’m completely amazed at how quickly Bill is able to figure out a swing thought, convey it into something that makes sense to me, and then give me appropriate drills in order to practice more efficiently. My prior coaches were never able to do any of those things. It’s very impressive!

Scott Ellis / Student

Arav shot 68 today! Unfortunately he lost to one of the top juniors in the country in Jack Wall! Thanks for putting consistency in his game

Nishant Patel / Student

Hello Bill, Today I broke 80 and shot my career rocked, 76 in an AJGA Tournament. I would like to thank you for all of your coaching

Sophie Chang / Student

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